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Apr 5 2024

YMH Inclement Weather Information

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YMH Inclement Weather Information
YMH may cancel practices and/or games, if YMH has been notified by an ice facility that the arena has been closed, due to weather. In such instances, the affected teams will be notified.
When the arena is open but weather/road conditions are unfavorable, the association is not in a position to make the call on whether or not a practice or game should be canceled because it is not safe to drive. Each individual, and by extension each team, needs to take responsibility for making that call themselves.
In the event of poor weather - a team's coaches or managers should consult appropriate highway road condition websites/apps (i.e., Highway Hotline - https://hotline.gov.sk.ca/  or Public Facebook Groups such as “Saskatchewan Highway Updates”) and weather reporting websites/apps (i.e. The Weather network - https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca) when deciding if you should cancel. Road closures and Travel Not Recommended alerts should automatically be cause for cancellations.

If a team decides they want to cancel a practice or game because they feel it is not safe to drive, then the association is never going to override that decision. With that in mind, we would encourage you to make sure the decision is based on safety and not just convenience. Sometimes the only requirement given weather conditions is just to give yourself more time to get to your destination.

Again, while the decision to cancel or not go to a game should never be taken lightly, safety should always be a priority. bottom line, whether the association or the team cancels a game or not, it is the right and responsibility of each individual family to make decisions regarding their own safety.

Be aware that in the event of a game cancellation - it is the responsibility of the team to follow their association rules in regards to any rescheduling.

Also note that in most circumstances - cancellations due to weather should result in the cancellation of ice billing for that time slot. If the arena does not agree with the cancellation due to weather, and YMH is still charged, the team, in turn, will also still incur some ice charge.
For cancellations due to weather please email:  secretaryymh@gmail.com and ymhdirector@gmail.com

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