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Apr 5 2024

Parent RIS

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For Hockey Canada Parents


Program Information

  • This program is for Parents and Guardians of youth hockey players in Canada. This program is not for Hockey Coaches, Trainers, Officials or other Leaders. To get the correct web address for the Respect in Sport Activity Leader program, contact your organization. The two programs contain different content and must be completed separately.
  • To receive recognition for this program, all children who are now, or will soon be registered in hockey should have been added to your profile during registration for this program. If children were omitted, select Profile above followed by Child Management and add children as required.
  • The estimated time to complete this program is 1 hour. You may complete this program at your own pace and convenience.
  • After completing this program, your hockey organization will be notified of your certification status and a record of this will be added to your child's profile in the Hockey Canada Registry.
  • Once complete, your certificate is available to view and print from the "Profile" page.

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